Client Reviews
- I LOVE my hair. My husband can't keep his hands out of it!
- In just a few hours Kim transformed my hair into something of wonder...
- After three months... my natural hair was long, thicker and healthier
- End results were spectacular I LOVE my new hair!!
- Even some of my co-workers comment on my fabulous Kardashian hair
- For the first time in my ever, I have thick full hair and it looks totally natural
- I absolutely love my new hair!
- I am 52 Years Young And Look Like I am in My 30's With My Hair
- I impulsively cut my hair off and went to Kim because I missed my long hair
- I looked and felt fabulous!
- I love my hair extensions from Kim
- I'm Very Happy With My Decision to go With Kim Wardle for my Hair Extensions
- I've been coming here for over a year and I just love my hair
- I've had mine in for three months and they look amazing!!!
- Kim is Amazing - Well Worth the Investment!!!!
- Kim's work is magical - In just a few hours Kim transformed my hair into something of wonder
- My Biggest Mistake Was Not Going to Kim to Begin With!
- My Co-workers Comment on my Fabulous Kardashian Hair
- My Hair Always Looks So Natural No One Knows I Have Hair Extensions!
- My hair looks so wonderful that my husband tells me It looks like MY hair!
- My husband loves my hair... He forgets that I have extensions!
- Once you meet with Kim, you will be impressed with her professional knowledge...
- The hair she uses is such good quality and is easy to work with

Hair Extension FAQs
- Are they visible to others?
- Benefits Of Hair Extensions
- How about color and texture of my hair?
- How Do I Care For My Extensions?
- How Long Do They Last?
- What about My Natural Hair? Damage?

Hair Extension Pricing
- Hair Extensions Pricing

Hair Loss Solutions
- Micropoint solutions by cyber hair
- Alopecia/Total hair loss
- Chemothrapy/Temporary hair loss/patchy alopecia/Thinning hair
- Financing
- Non Surgical hair transplant
- Your medical Insurance may cover your hair piece
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Hair Extensions By Kim Wardle

Hair Extensions By Kim
11703 NE Glisan St.
Portland Oregon 97220

 Telephone:   503 789 8450

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