Hair Loss Solutions

Alopecia/Total hair loss

A full vacuum wig prosthesis is the most natural looking Hair piece (wig) available for women men and children alike. Each Hair piece is custom made from a plaster mold from the clients head to ensure a perfect fit. Hair is Available in all lengths the cap is breathable, the polymer expands and contracts as the temperature of your body changes. This keeps your head feeling comfortable, not to warm as to perspire. You can feel a brush ,a comb or or the stroke of a loved one hand across your scalp as you feel confident your hair is securely in place. The result of this new technology is the most natural looking comfortable hair replacement anywhere. These Exceptional hair pieces are to help those that suffer from total hair loss from chemotherapy,Alopecia Areata,Totalis Univeralis ,burn patients and other medical conditions. Advanced hair systems provides this service in a private Hair replacement salon in Portland Oregon. Services are also offered in various locations including Washington State , Seattle ,Tacoma, Western Idaho, British Columbia,Northern and Southern California, If you have never experienced the confidence of a Vacuum hair piece Its time to join your family in all the activities. You can feel confident that your hair is safe and secure . So join the children at the amusement park, Put the top down, Go for a horseback ride. ... its so natural.. its the hair you have always wanted....

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