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My Biggest Mistake Was Not Going to Kim to Begin With!

Kim Wardle did my hair extensions, and I must say I was extremely impressed! I have very thin hair, and usually wore it up because I am self conscious.

Then in November 2008 I had it done by another salon. It was the glue in kind, and got me pretty hooked on how I looked with a full head of hair, but it cost quite a bit and when it came time to replace them I chose my local salon which cost half the price.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!! The local salon ripped out literally half of my hair and obviously had no idea what they were doing, not to mention all the extensions showed! I gave that Salon 3 more times to redo it, but each time involved ripping more hair out.

Then I remember seeing Hairbykim. She used the Hairloc system, which I have now found out is made for people with thin hair. It doesn't hurt, it looks natural (it is real hair), and it doesn't pull my hair. What's more is that it doesn't put stress on my existing hair, and it is super easy to take out without loosing more hair. I came into her shop (in 2009) almost in tears with a tall order; remove all this glue this other woman put on my head, try to keep as much hair as you can, and give me extensions with what I have left so that it wont be apparent to anyone that they are extension.

I did not think she could do it, but she did!!!! It looks great, it feels great, she spent so much time making it perfect, and I can brush through it and treat it as my own hair!!!

It isn't cheap. However for anyone who has thin hair and wants volume that looks natural, I would recommend her, I would send anyone I know to her. Don't scrimp when it comes to your hair.

I had read articles about how I would regret it if I did. I did not understand that until my experience before Kim. I am so glad she has the experience and was able to fix what was wrong.

My biggest mistake was not going to her to begin with!!! I really think extensions are an art, and not everyone can do it, especially the placement or remove them, but I would trust her!!!! And she will be seeing me for years to come!

If you are considering a hair replacement system, which I really was, talk with Kim first. This may be a better alternative. The first consult is free, and she is honest about what she can and can't do.
- Lessli, West Linn, OR

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