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Portland Oregon Hair Extensions Salon

My name is Kim Wardle, and I offer premium quality, professionally installed hair extensions and hair replacement for Portland area women with short, thin or damaged hair, medical loss, or genetic hair loss issues, in a private salon environment.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, you can be assured your new hair will amaze and delight you, with no harmful side effects!

As you know hair extensions or additions have become commonplace in society. They are everywhere, you just do not see the them... as with the good ones you should not!

I offer hair extensions and hair addition services, plus the following additional services for clients who have hair extensions: hair color, cut in, styling, chemical straightening and styling. I am not a 'regular' beauty salon, and do not cut or color hair unless you are purchasing hair extensions from us.

I am the owner of Salon Bravado hair Salon in Portland Oregon. I offer premium hair extensions in a private salon environment. My career as a hairstylist, colorist, hair extensions and hair replacement specialist has spanned over seventeen years as an independent contractor in the Beauty industry.

I began doing hair extensions in 2003 with my first formal certification for completion of education with Hairlocs International. I knew at this time this would be my career. I strived for as much continuing education as possible from that point to the present. I studied in various types of hair extensions, hair replacement, medical hair loss solutions and everything I could learn in between. You can find additional information about medical hair loss solutions or thinning hair solutions that I offer at

After many years of education I had built enough clientele to offer only these services. Everything that is typically offered by a hair stylist I offer, although I only provide these services in conjunction with hair extension hair replacement services. With these services I offer Premium Goldwell color services, from Balayage to trending Ombre styles, various types of hair straightening systems, maintenance, cut in, shaping styling, chemical texturizing (permanents), everything you would possibly need to maintain your hair while adorning my hair extensions.

The hair extensions industry has changed drastically over the years, there's only one thing that hasn't changed; you get what you pay for. Having someone that is experienced in all aspects of this trade is necessary for a quality service, as this is a several step skilled procedure: pre coloring, pre shaping of your own hair, matching color and texture perfectly; prior to applying the hair extensions.

It is important to having someone skilled doing your cutting, styling and shaping; blending in your own hair with the hair extensions. I teach my clients the best way to care for their hair extensions in all aspects of daily life. As far as the quality of the extensions themselves is concerned; there are various types and manufacturers of hair extensions and various regions of the world that are far more desirable than others. I make sure you get the finest hair extensions available, so your new hair looks great.

Read reviews from our many satisfied hair extension clients, and decide for yourself if Kim's hair extensions are for you.

With your serious inquiry, I will schedule a consultation for you. At that time I discuss options, cover various types of hair extensions I offer, (no install of wefts or braiding). I examine the texture, condition and length of your own hair. Our number one goal is maintaining the dexterity of your own hair. Please understand that there are many factors that go into a price quote; everything is covered during the consultation. I would be more than happy to set one up for you; at that time I can answer any more questions that you might have.

Make sure and check out our Hair Extensions Before & After Photo Gallery, where you will find over 100 examples of my work.

Thank you ~ Kim Wardle
For hair loss information, please visit Advanced Hair Systems, Portland, OR

Hair Extensions By Kim of Portland, OR

Curly blonde hair extensionsStraight brunette hair extensionsCurly blonde hair extensionsStraight blonde hair extensions

 For hair loss information, please visit Advanced Hair Systems, Portland, OR

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Hair Extensions By Kim Wardle

Hair Extensions By Kim
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