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Hair Extensions By Kim Wardle of Portland, Oregon

My name is Kim Wardle, I am the owner of Salon Bravado. I offer premium quality, professionally installed hair extensions and hair replacement for Portland area women with short, thin or damaged hair, medical loss, or genetic hair loss issues, in a private salon environment. 
With hundreds of satisfied customers, you can be assured your new hair will amaze and delight you, with no harmful side effects!

Hair Extensions Photo Gallery

Eugene Oregon twenty inch Blonde Hair Extensions

Sixteen inch brunette Hair Extensions

An Example of Blonde Hair Extensions

An Example of Blonde Hair Extensions

End results were spectacular I LOVE my new hair!!
I have always suffered with thin, short non growing hair and always wanted hair extensions for the longest time. Finally after some research and looking around I scheduled my free consult with Kim. She is the easiest to talk to. We discussed all Read More...
I absolutely love my new hair!
I absolutely love my new hair. Its been almost 3 mos now. I don t think I will ever go back to my very fine, thin natural hair. My real hair refused to grow past a certain point. I had been trying for over 8 yrs to grow it past my bra line. It just s Read More...
I impulsively cut my hair off and went to Kim because I missed my long hair
Five Stars I impulsively cut my hair off and went to Kim because I missed my long hair. Kim did an awesome job it was worth every cent. My hair looks way better than it did before I cut it. Nobody even knows I have extensions and I get frequent Read More...
I looked and felt fabulous!
Quality Excellent I wanted to try a new hair extension system, so I made a few phone calls and booked a consultation with Kim. She said that she has the same kind hair as mine and she knew what would look good on me. Well, she was right! After the Read More...

Portland Oregon Hair Extensions Salon

My name is Kim Wardle, I am the owner of Salon Bravado. I offer premium quality, professionally applied hair extensions and hair replacement for Portland area women with short, thin or damaged hair, medical loss, or genetic hair loss issues, in a private salon environment.

*Please be sure to visit my full gallery which spans work over a decade*

* Packages start at $700.00 *

Having a career as a hair stylist that has spanned over eighteen years, the last twelve years offering only hair extensions for fashion or hair loss solutions for all types of hair.

Offering all services a stylist would; coloring, Balayage, ombre, hair cutting, chemical texturizing and straightening. These are only performed on my new or existing Hair Replacement clients that are wearing hair extensions currently.

Hair extension services are packages which include extension hair, application, labor, pre coloring of your own hair, Cut in, shaping and style afterward, in some instances a permanent straightening system could be added into the package as well. These services are typically performed all in the same appointment.

I will also educate you on how to take care of your new investment.

* Packages start at $700.00 *

All of the hair extension methods that I offer the hair can be reused for up to a year with maintenance that is performed on average every ten weeks .

I also retouch or refresh their own hair color if needed at this maintenance appointment.
These services are performed in a licensed insured O.H.L.A. approved salon in a private environment.

Premium Indian hair is applied with various methods: I tip, hair locs, micro rings, tapes, fusion, shrink tubes IPL, IPA.

Brands that I am certified and trained in are as follows, Hot heads, Hair talk, Hairlocs, Cinderella, Balmain, Klix, Ultratress, Tressallure, shrink tubes, easilengths, Babe, Glam seamless, Simplicity etc. Salon Bravado is a certified Cyber Hair studio offering Micropoint links, Micropoint accents, seamless panels and graphs.

Hair replacement options for thinning fine hair, as well as beautiful clip in top of the head hair additions. Many clients wear them in addition with hair extensions. (I do not work with wefts sewing or braiding)

Maintaining the dexterity of own hair while providing you with my services will help you love your hair and believe it or not will make it easier to manage on a daily basis.

The systems do not damage your hair in any way, You may use all of your favorite styling tools wear your hair up, have an active lifestyle, swim and you would be amazed to know how many people fail to notice the change after your service. They just notice you look fantastic and cannot quite figure out what the change is..

Preference is that your hair be at least four to six inches throughout to make you a candidate for hair extensions as per my preference. If you feel as if your hair might be to short, you can text me pictures of your hair and I can let you know if you are a candidate.

You can view many examples of before and after pictures of my clients in our Hair Extensions Photo Gallery.

'Salon BraVado' is located conveniently fifteen minutes from downtown Portland off of I-205 at the Glisan exit .

If you are looking for me to maintain hair extensions that have been applied by another technician or a new service a consultation is required, a deposit is required and the appointment is booked.

Read reviews from our many satisfied hair extension clients, and decide for yourself if Kim's hair extensions are for you.

With your serious inquiry, I will schedule a consultation for you. At that time I discuss options, cover various types of hair extensions I offer, (no install of wefts or braiding). I examine the texture, condition and length of your own hair. Our number one goal is maintaining the dexterity of your own hair. Please understand that there are many factors that go into a price quote; everything is covered during the consultation. I would be more than happy to set one up for you; at that time I can answer any more questions that you might have.

Make sure and check out our Hair Extensions Before & After Photo Gallery, where you will find over 100 examples of my work.

Thank you for your time and consideration have a fantastic day.
Kim Wardle

Hair Extensions By Kim
Hair Extensions By Kim

11703 NE Glisan St, Portland Oregon 97220
Kim Wardle, (503)789-8450

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