Hair Extensions By Kim Wardle of Portland, Oregon

Offering premium quality, professionally applied hair extensions and hair replacement for Portland area women with short, thin or damaged hair, medical loss, or genetic hair loss issues. Including all salon services desired for the clients own hair whom is wearing hair extensions or replacement solutions. All of which are performed in a private salon environment. Hair extensions can be reused for up to 1 year. Hair extension packages starting at $700.

Hair Extensions Photo Gallery

An Example of Blonde Hair Extensions from Portland


Eugene Oregon hair Extensions Photos


Brunette Hair Extensions Before & After


Blonde Hair Extensions Before & After Photos


Brunette Hair Extensions Tigard, Oregon


An Example of Blonde Hair Extensions Before and After Photos


Client Reviews

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In just a few hours Kim transformed my hair into something of wonder...

Overall Excellent
I have been a client of Kim Wardle's for nearly a year now. In my 20's my hair began thinning and became very fine. I was upset, too young to accept what was happening to my hair and wanted it back! I began looking for salons that...
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I absolutely love my new hair!

I absolutely love my new hair. Its been almost 3 mos now. I don t think I will ever go back to my very fine, thin natural hair. My real hair refused to grow past a certain point. I had been trying for over 8 yrs to grow it past my bra line. It just s...
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I leave feeling like a queen!!

I have very thin fine hair, and have always wanted a full Lucious head of hair!! That's what Kim gives me every time I have seen her I leave feeling like a queen!! The hair is quality and she makes the experience so amazing!! I would recommend Kim ov...
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I looked and felt fabulous!

Quality Excellent
I wanted to try a new hair extension system, so I made a few phone calls and booked a consultation with Kim. She said that she has the same kind hair as mine and she knew what would look good on me. Well, she was right! After the ...
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I love my hair extensions from Kim

Five Stars:
I love my extensions from Kim. She did an amazing job! they look completely natural and blend so well with my own hair. I was nervous about getting them, but she put me at ease and was very informative. I would totally recommend her.
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I truly cannot say enough good things about Kim and her expertise in hair extensions!

I truly cannot say enough good things about Kim and her expertise in hair extensions! I have wanted extensions for years and when I finally did it, I promised myself that in 10 weeks, when I was set to have them maintained, I would do a review so tha...
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I'm Very Happy With My Decision to go With Kim Wardle for my Hair Extensions

I did quite a bit of research into getting extensions before making my decision. I'm very happy with my decision to go with Kim Wardle. I had fairly short hair so I knew it would be a challenge but she did an awesome job!

I absolutely LOVE the...
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I've been coming here for over a year and I just love my hair

5 Stars - 3/18/2013
I wanted to try a new hair extension system, so I set up a consultation with Kim. She was easy to talk to, and she recommended the same kind she wears herself!

I've been coming here for over a year and I just love my hair. Th...
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Portland Oregon Hair Extensions Salon

Thank you for taking the time to preview my information. If you find that my services might fit your needs, I am requesting of you a simple exchange of information & images (private) followed by a phone chat. instructions listed below*

This will confirm you are a candidate for the service desired, you have the necessary amount of hair needed for the service, the cost is in your range, do you have a basic understanding of application methods.

I offer all necessary services for client's own hair, extension hair any aspect or services that they need throughout duration of the wear.

Offering the latest collection of wigs, hair pieces for men and women suffering medical or genetic hair loss.
They are offered in synthetic, cyber hair or remy human hair. They can be worn alone or with hair extensions, the starting pricing for wigs and other daily hair replacement solutions.

• Cyber hair or synthetic starting @ $200.00
• All other Euro blend premium hair starting @ $900.00

The results with these procedures and products are immediate and can be continued for as long as you like without damage.

Hair Extensions FAQ's

Services are all inclusive, all methods the hair is reusable for up to a year. pricing starting at:
• $900 .00 for tape ins
• $1400.00 for any hand tied fusion, locs, rings, beads etc.

All services are offered in private and include premium Indian and or Euro blend hair, coloring of your hair if applicable, trimming in and shaping of the extensions to your own hair, product and as well as care instructions.

Maintenance on the extensions is done after your own hair grows to a certain point. This is typically done between four weeks and three months depending on the method and the client. At this appointment the extensions are removed and reapplied closer to the scalp, coloring of your own hair if needed.

• Costs for adhesives, ultimates, other tape ins starts @ $175.00.
• $300.00 includes coloring of your own hair.
• I tip fusion locs etc. $125.00 per hour.

* Outdoor or well-lit images of the front, side and back of your hair in its current condition wash and where is optimal.

If Inquiring about maintenance on a hair system that has not been applied by myself, please follow the above instructions as well.

Please attach this information via text @503-789-8450 response within 24 hours (office closed Sunday).

Thank you, we are all looking forward to spring, getting back out in the world after the down time. It's a great opportunity to show up at work or a family event with a new and improved look. Achieving this in one day!

Great hair gives you a jump start, enjoy styling your hair, new make up, get to the gym to address that extra weight.

Make sure and check out our Hair Extensions Before & After Photo Gallery, where you will find over 100 examples of my work.

Thank you for your time, hoping that you and yours are happy and healthy.
Kim Wardle ~

Got a question? Before you send your message, check out the FAQ page:


Hair Extensions By Kim
Hair Extensions By Kim

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